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From simple single room solutions in Domestic property, to the largest scale industrial applications, we have the experience, professionalism and dedication to ensure that all aspects of our service are first class. Our technicians work to strict industry guidelines, with health and safety a paramount consideration.


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and the law...

MAC Ltd can help your organisation comply with The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2008 (FGG Regulations 2008) that entered into force on 15 February 2008

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Air conditioning in the home is about more than controlling the temperature; it is also about reducing humidity, removing pollutants, and even deodorising the air contained within the home.

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Commercial organisations, including such sectors as Shops, Restaurants, Pubs, Veterinary Clinics, Offices, Showrooms indeed any small to medium size business, are finding the positive aspects that an indoor climate controlled by air conditioning can provide to both staff and customers.

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From the initial enquiry through to post-installation and end-user education, we appreciate that all our customers will have differing requirements. As such, our service is fully tailored to ensure we meet those requirements first time, every time.



MAC Ltd are a nationwide leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and air purification systems to Industrial, Commercial, Local Authority, Health Care and increasingly, Domestic markets.




Why air conditioning...

New regulations and new materials employed in the construction of homes and other buildings focus strongly on energy conservation. These modern techniques reduce the amount of ventilation, so reducing the amount of natural airflow around a property, ensuring no outside air can get in, and no inside air can get out, leading to the re-circulation of the same air with its associated humidity and air pollutants, the result of such things as dust (from the skin, hair, clothes, shoes etc), bacteria, smoke, smells, mold and mildew (to name but a few).

Air conditioning provides the ventilation, filtering and humidity control necessary to reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants, leaving your property feeling cool, fresh, and clean. With A Rated energy efficient solutions, sleek styling and incredibly low noise, air conditioning means not having to wait for the right conditions to allow you to open all your windows to let in some fresh air.


Air conditioning benefits...

Air conditioning, including filtration, humidification, cooling, disinfection, etc., can be used to provide a clean, safe, hypoallergenic atmosphere in hospital operating rooms and other environments where an appropriate atmosphere is critical to patient safety and well-being.

Air conditioning can have a positive effect on sufferers of allergies and asthma.

In serious heat waves, air conditioning can save the lives of the elderly.


Planning an installation...

MAC Ltd are experienced in all aspects of the installation and planning of air conditioning and related systems, and of course installation of the new Altherma systems.
MAC Ltd liaise with shop fitters, architects, consultants all the way through to the end-users.

Whether the establishment is occupied or not, MAC Ltd will work with the customer to ensure that no major or minor problems occur on installation and commissioning, enabling the final hand over to run smoothly.


After sales...

Regular scheduled maintenance is essential to ensure the safe, quite, clean and optimal performance of your air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and air purification systems.

In addition to our first class installations, MAC Ltd also offer full after sales service and complete planned maintenance schedules for new and existing systems. We believe that piece of mind is an important aspect of our service, and that a planned maintenance contract can give our customers complete confidence that in the unlikely event of equipment failure, our specialist engineers will deal with the problem very quickly.


Outstanding customer service...

Good customer service may suit some companies, but outstanding customer service is the goal of the MAC Ltd team.

Our experienced staff are available to handle any aspect of customer care, from an initial information request, through to post installation, planned maintenance and user education.


Why choose MAC Ltd...

Out of hours is the norm!

Our dedication to detail, and commitment to our customers, ensure that all phases of an installation operate as smoothly as possible. This customer focused, fully flexible approach, tailored to match your requirements, means we are able to offer installations outside of normal working hours, in occupied or vacant premises, providing the least possible interruption to your existing business process.