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Domestic air-conditioning services...

Air conditioning in the home is about more than controlling the temperature; it is also about reducing humidity, removing pollutants, and even deodorising the air contained within the home.

Give your home and loved ones the clean, cool and fully controllable climate they deserve, contact MAC Ltd to install a new, energy efficient air conditioning system today.


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Commercial organisations, including such sectors as Shops, Restaurants, Pubs, Veterinary Clinics, Offices, Showrooms indeed any small to medium size business, are finding the positive aspects that an indoor climate controlled by air conditioning can provide to both staff and customers.

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Increasingly, MAC Ltd is being asked to install air conditioning systems to the domestic market. More and more customers are realising the benefits of a controlled climate in the home, with some customers returning to have air conditioning extended to other areas of the home.



A domestic installation can range from a single room to a multi-split system, where one outdoor unit is used to operate 2, 3 or 4 indoor units. Indoor units come in a variety of styles designed to compliment any interior.


Heating & water...

Altherma provides ECO credentials for your home!

The Altherma heat pump solution is a renewable energy solution which uses heat from the air around us to provide heating and hot water efficiently all year round, even on the coldest of days.

Altherma provides savings of up to 50% of Your Energy Costs, and helps save the environment at the same time!

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MAC Ltd are a nationwide leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and air purification systems to Industrial, Commercial, Local Authority, Health Care and increasingly, Domestic markets.




Modern homes & stale air...

New regulations and new materials employed in the construction of homes and other buildings focus strongly on energy conservation. These modern techniques reduce the amount of ventilation, so reducing the amount of natural airflow around a property, ensuring no outside air can get in, and no inside air can get out, leading to the re-circulation of the same air with its associated humidity and air pollutants, the result of such things as dust (from the skin, hair, clothes, shoes etc), bacteria, smoke, cooking smells, mold and mildew (to name but a few).


A Fresh approach...

Air conditioning provides the ventilation, filtering and humidity control necessary to reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants, leaving your property feeling cool, fresh, and clean. With A Rated energy efficient solutions, sleek styling and incredibly low noise, air conditioning means not having to wait for the right conditions to allow you to open all your windows to let in some fresh air.


Altered perceptions...

Increased performance and technological advances has given rise to a complete phase change in perceptions of air conditioning in a domestic setting. Where once had been loud, drafty, unsightly and worst of all, energy draining systems, come the replacements, virtually silent, fully controllable, sleek (even hidden) A-Rated energy efficient air conditioning systems.


Your family deserves the best...

The reality of climate change is an increase in temperature, which also brings with it an increase in humidity. This has the unfortunate affect of turning our lazy summer days into long, sleepless, perspiring nights.

A professionally installed air conditioning system from MAC Ltd will deliver to your home the benefits of a fully controllable climate, and so aid a restful nights sleep.